Design of living room with light walls

Good day, dear readers of the blog living room design . Today we talk about the interior living rooms, which occupy a central place in our house. Here we welcome guests, spend leisure time, relax after a busy day. Not by chance the lead role in the living room playing upholstered furniture, which should be comfortable and attractive, disposing to cozy pastime. Other pieces of furniture (especially in small living room, which we will discuss) should be different functionality and style in harmony with the rest of the furniture.
Decorating the living room and its decor is very important, because this room - in fact the face of your apartment, on it your guests will judge you and your style, learn about the interests of your family members. In the design of the living room do not forget about textiles - a small rug in front of a sofa, pillow, blanket or bedspread will add warmth and comfort, and with proper selection of colors also will put the necessary emphasis, well and give your interior curtains completeness and harmony. Let's see photos of the most successful living room in which to live and nice, and you can show off to your friends.
Let's start with solar photo living room, bright colors that are sure to lift your mood and inspire rework rooms. Her master different subtle taste and ability to pick things up in the interior
Living room design that in the photo below speaks for itself its master - creative nature, with good taste, quality service and expensive things. I would venture to suggest that this apartment bachelor who prefers spending free time alone.
Seem interesting guests and this room, which at first glance looks like a heap of assorted pieces of furniture inherited owner inherited and purchased in a different period of his life. Not immediately guess that it is this living room was designed by designers.
Quite often used in the design of living room with light walls (pure white or shades), coupled with bright accents of pure colors. Reception, visually expand the space - the main thing here is not to overdo it with gloss and whiteness to the interior did not look "cool." These interiors are mostly fond youth, more mobile than the older generation.
Another method that shows how wonderful white color combined with wood. Please note that the design of this small cozy living room is made ​​so that a flat screen tv does not seem alien element in a classical setting. Departing from the topic, I will say that I always pay great attention to the interior where there is a TV and try to show them in the first place. Sometimes, studying design pictures, it seems to me that they believe that their customers do not watch television, but it is not so!
Sometimes new curtains and hauling sofas can drastically change the style of your home. Pay attention to this photo living room - dark floor, brown wall and red wallpaper should be visually squeeze this little room and make it dark and uninviting. But here's the added white leather and textiles - wide curtains, carpet, lampshades, upholstery of chairs and sofas, and our house was filled with light. Read more about how to add white can fix a bad dark interior design can be found in my article: "Apply knowledge of color in practice: achromatic color" .
Many people think that pink color exclusively for girls, but it is not. Strict functional furniture such as "Ikea" looks very cool on a background of pink walls, and the style of the interior sets a vintage chest of drawers and a rug. This living room is quite suitable for couples with children.
That's all for, but we are not just back to the topic of design living room. I hope this stuff was interesting and useful for you!

we make interior room with style and taste Design of living room with light walls

The wall in the interior of the classic living room

Perhaps readers living room design faced with such a situation - the repair is finished and in the living room like everything looks good, but the room seems cold and uninhabited, like a hotel room. Should be given shelter atmosphere of warmth and comfort, but how to do it? Followers of my blog know that one of the effective tools here is textiles. Introduction to the interior of the living room decorative pillows, rugs, fluffy rugs really help guide in the right mood of the room we were on track.
Another time-tested method - use in the interior decoration of the living and artificial flowers, dried flowers in large floor vases. Help, and various odds and ends - candlesticks, board composition, figures and figurines. It seems to be enough, but not quite. All of these efforts will benefit only half, if not to take care of the decoration of the walls.
For those who make a living in repair their own hands, wall design - one of the most challenging and interesting tasks simultaneously. Must somehow fill in the blank areas on the sofa and TV , and so that the decorative ornaments fit in style and keeping with the general mood of the room. For example, if prior to European-quality repair on the walls and the carpet pattern in a massive frame, after these items will be out of place here. Today we look at pictures of different styles of interior room and examine the cases in which these or other suitable decorations.
Most of us have a good idea of ​​what should be on the walls in the interior of the classic living room. And even if you do not have to live in such a house, before the eyes of enough examples, such as in museums and historical films. This is primarily a picture of the old school (oil, watercolor, pastel) and mirrors in beautiful frames, rugs, wall sconces and candlesticks, decorative panels, upholstered. It makes no sense to dwell on this particular topic, now few people are interested in the classics in their pure form, especially among owners of small apartments, for which I am writing these articles.
The walls in the living room of a modern urban style
Most appropriate for small living room interior is considered urban style. It is characterized by comfortable modern furniture, devoid of all sorts of twists and curls, simple, mobile and practical. Rooms are usually kept in bright colors, they are ideal straight curtains without complicated draperies and decorative textiles brings bright accents.
Urban style is convenient in that it is usually patient enough to eclecticism and can take the elements of decor in different directions. With this neutrality on the background, you can create themed interiors corresponding tastes of the owners. For example, a design may be a hint of romantic, charm east, pass the love of animals or the craving for travel.
For wall design in these interiors are often used narrow shelves for photos, large posters and modern art in flat frames. Frequent here and mirrors - a useful element also in terms of visual increase in the living room.
Most often in the living room of a modern urban style images and objects for decorative wall compositions are selected in accordance with the orientation of the interior, on the basis of its color. Sometimes the frame plays a greater role than the image. Frankly, such methods when the form prevails over substance, I'm not very pretty, I look for a suitable picture long enough to decorate the living room with a soul.
The wall in the living room in the style of Provence and country
The style of the French countryside - Provence , which is a kind of country, has recently become very popular in our country. In the first place it is captivating elegance and refinement that can not be found in the environment Russian, American, Finnish farmhouse. Light, though faded under the bright sun furniture, bags and braids, the smell of lavender, bright colors and pastel chintz wallpaper have been applied in the interiors of our urban living. The design of the walls of the rooms are often used decorative plates . Special supplement are dried plants and flowers, within and without, as well as a variety of botanical images.
Special freshness interior in the style of Provence will give a blank wall hangings light textile, or a selection of her other wallpaper, as in this photo.
Interior decoration in retro style
An interesting trend in the interior of a city apartment is a retro-style. Need to recreate it completely with a modern twist is not. Just add a few pieces of furniture and decorative elements. This can be a chair and a floor lamp in the style of the 70's, an old typewriter, turntable. For wall design most commonly used black-and-white photographs with scenes of bygone years (contemporary b / w photos here will not do), which depict city scapes, sports highlights, social life and so on.
Wall art-living
Decorating the walls in the living room, it is necessary to comply with a reasonable proportion between the area occupied by the images, and the remaining empty space. Optimally, if the ratio does not exceed 1: 3. Increasing the number of pictures you can achieve the effect of switching attention - they will be the main element of the room. A similar technique can be used to create living art, in which the owner is an artist, designer or architect, or simply a creative person, a lover of drawing and painting.
French style, east, and with the help of vintage wall decor
Finally, a few examples of how using appropriate style images and decor items you can change the look of a traditional living room. See how to choose photos, pink plaid and elegant table turned area with a sofa in the glamorous French area. By the way, this room is in the house of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, incredible, is not it?
The interior of this room oriental style prints on the wall give the Chinese vase and orchid in the pot. Get them now for a typical British living room.
Old photos in unusual frames, branch and snow-white hydrangea table will give the living room a romantic atmosphere. Its special charm is that it is an example of modern vintage style created without visiting flea markets and shaking my grandmother's chests.
Today we talked about how to decorate the walls in the living room to make it beautiful and comfortable. Learned how to choose the decorative ornaments in keeping with the style of the room and watched a selection of photographs of interiors. I hope this stuff was interesting and useful for you!

how you arrange the walls in the living room

living room design with small apartment

Today, in the pages of the blog living room design we'll talk about how to set up the work area in the living room. Furniture manufacturers offer a wide variety of interior items for the home office - it may be a desk set, desk functional computer desk. Our choice is limited only by the number of square meters, we have to accommodate a work area and most of them, alas, not too much. In addition, there is another problem - this furniture can be difficult to fit into the finished interior of the apartment. I hope my photos will plant you a few new ideas about where and how to organize the workplace and to make sure that it does not stand out from the overall design of the room.
Want to share your experience. My husband and I live in a small apartment, and when we did the repair we did not have to choose where to arrange the working area - certainly in the living room. I needed a table for a laptop, husband - Solid computer desk. Your choice, I stopped at the desk. Its advantages over any other computer furniture are obvious - it does not take much space, spacious and fits almost any interior.
As can be seen in this photo living room, offices can be put almost anywhere in the closed state, it takes up no more space than a chest of drawers. Incidentally, this desk will fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom. Equally popular high desk with shelves and glass doors, which in appearance resemble a sideboard.
Such a lot of options, there is any interior living room or dining room. And Office - is not necessarily classical furniture, as many people think, there are very simple options. Bureau in the photo below is not perfect interpretation for the living room, but also for the room of a teenage girl.
And finally - when choosing a desk, be sure to pay attention to how comfortable for him to sit, the fact that some of the devoted little legroom, and this is important because we usually spend a lot of time at the computer.
Of course, to work for a laptop there are many other solutions, for example, just such small tables. No, no, I can see perfectly that on the table there is a computer, but still I do not seem right to flaunt slovenly strands dangling wires, besides there is no place for the system unit (not all the same at home Mac). A laptop table even very fit.
We turn to the computer desk. Ideal to enter the workplace for the living room, you can make it part of a suite of furniture. Anyway, we did not find anything better and did so. However, for our living room of 20 square meters, and it was difficult to find something ready, so this option gave us completely. We have something like this - a computer desk is a continuation of the rack under the TV and have a common base.
I want to show another interesting option of embedding a computer table in a furniture. Here he is still more functional load - zoning living room. This technique will help to make an elongated rectangular room more harmonious.
And finally a photo of the interior work area living room, the design of which excites me with its beauty and functionality. These two full-time jobs allow their owners to work comfortably at home all day and could be the basis of a single study, which we will discuss it some other time.

working area in the interior of a small living room

Decorate the living room and make you feel comfortable

Good day, dear readers living room design  . Today we look at some of the interiors living rooms, suitable for small apartments. Good design is a small living room - it's an elaborate composition, in which a small area harmoniously coexist upholstered furniture, work space and dining furniture. The simpler and more concise selected style rooms, the easier it is to beat. Take, for example, the interiors presented in IKEA stores: a simple modern white furniture combined everything. Therefore, their ideas are often used to process one-bedroom apartments.
Another thing, if the owners are thinking about the more expensive furniture made ​​of natural wood and opt for a classic warm interior design living room . It is worth more attention to the zoning area. About the visual separation of the room, in order to separate the dining room from the corner of the TV, I wrote in detail in the subject: "The dining table in the interior of a small living room" . These ideas can be used to isolate the working area.
Anyone who believes that without shelving, screens or partitions living room does not normally divide, is mistaken. There are simpler options that are based on human visual perception of the features. For example, properly placed accent colors attract the eye to the right areas of the room, pushing her other band in the background. Wall painted in alternative colors, different floor coverings can also serve as visual separators.
On the group photo below shows the interior of a small living room, designed in warm monochrome colors - from coffee with milk to brown. The atmosphere of the room sets a relaxing stay. In its design, there are elements of oriental culture: it can be seen in the figures and vases on shelves, paintings, bent legs tea table, orange color decorative pillows.
In this photos clearly shows that the center of the focus of attention of the living room - an area where the sofa. View incoming is confined to a bright orange detail: pillows, candles, a vase and a lamp. As an additional room divider into two zones used carpets of different texture and its own source of light over the dining table.
We proceed to the living room, in the interior of which there is a work area . The room seems more spacious because its basically Bright colors: white, cream, green, and in the decoration of blue, yellow and pink. This is a good example of a professional working with color: bright pillows and pull a blanket account logged on to itself, and elegant desktop white light from windows visually dissolve somewhere in the background.
Design living room, shown in the next picture shows how it is possible to divert attention from a black screen TV, if the owners do not want to make it the centerpiece of the room. On similar methods we discussed in the topic: "TV Room: to be beautiful and comfortable" . In this case, the focus falls on the big table lamp and repeat it in the color scheme painting. The very same TV "hidden" between the ridge and the shelf with a vase of flowers.
Our generation is witnessing the rapid development of digital technology, fewer people read paper books. But to refuse bookshelves and cabinets while not all ready. Many of us have no idea how to create around himself a familiar cozy environment without your favorite publications. The other day I was sitting in line at a government department with a talkative granny 84 years old, she told us that in her two-room apartment of 16 ovens books. Mentally, I tried to put them in their dvushke and realized that for this I would have to move all the furniture.
When a large number of books have been an indicator of learning and intelligence of the hosts, but those days are long gone. And yet a couple of cabinets with these wonderful mediums will not damage the interior design apartment, and we ourselves will be comfortable among the familiar and dear to the heart of things.
My today's show would not be complete if I did not mention home textiles . In each of his topic, I do not get tired of repeating that this is a real "magic wand" owners of small apartments. If the area of the living room can not put decorative pieces of furniture, and even the question of the purchase of one chair is in doubt, we can always rely on him. Curtains, decorative pillows , blankets and bedspreads will set the right mood, warm the cold room, expand the space, decorate the living room and make you feel comfortable. The main thing is not afraid to experiment with color, and then the result will justify the expectations. Hopefully, this material was interesting and useful for you!

cozy interior living small apartments

living room design ideas with white wall 

Today in living room design again we return to the topic of design in a small apartment living room and talk about how their own hands to create a warm cozy interior, if the basis for our main room to take the white walls.
White walls are very popular with designers, open any western magazine about interior design, apartment in the fashionable style of hi-tech, minimalist - all entirely white. On the one hand is nothing surprising in this, because this color is the perfect backdrop for all the compositions, taking it as a basis, the designer can demonstrate their skills.
On the other hand - the big white rooms often look uninhabited, soulless, cold and uncomfortable, and in this regard I have always wondered why these apartments enjoy doing it by designers from the Nordic countries, because the interior of the white bears cool and the most suitable place for him there, year-round heat. Consider, for example, this image odnushki small (36 m) from Sweden, I even look at her coldly.
In the topic "Apply knowledge of color in practice: achromatic color" we were introduced to the features of white. The first is its neutrality to other colors, and the ability to reflect light rays, which is the basis of its most useful features for the interior design - the visual space expansion. Simply put, a room with white walls to the human eye seems more spacious than any other of the same area. To make their homes more, they should at least visually - the dream of every owner of the small apartment, so the white walls for us is a very tempting idea. But how to make sure that our room did not look like the first picture, and were warm and cozy? That's what we talk today.

Choosing a floor in the living room with white walls

So, the white walls, we have already set the groundwork for future interior room, our task - to choose the right color of furniture and decor. And, of course, do not forget about the floor. If we want to make a warm cozy design of a small room, the wooden furniture and flooring is better to take dark colors (bright white walls will not add heat). Picking up the cover, do not overdo it: too dark color will create an unnecessary contrast, the most suitable option, will be the one when the floor is a few shades lighter than the furniture.
As you can see from the photos, the room with white walls, dark furniture and the floor looks more colorful than the interior in a soft light brown colors. However, both of these options are the right to life, and when properly selected textiles will meet our requirements of warmth and comfort, so it all depends on the preferences of the owners of the apartment. In addition, correct color of the floor in the living room you can always carpet.

Color scheme of the living room with white walls

Look at these two pictures of the same white living room, one of which is the "before" and the second "after." Is not it amazing transformation? A good example of how using only one fabric, you can create beauty and comfort in the house. In the living room carpet and changed the curtains, threw blankets, pillows add color and as a result our room an entirely new look.
To achieve this effect, the first step is to choose the right colors and textures of fabrics. For a basis we take warm colors: these include the whole palette of red, orange, yellow, green (with a predominance of yellow), brown. Some of these colors will look good on a white background in monochrome, and yet to achieve the best results, I would suggest experimenting with combinations.
The most suitable colors for the living room from the point of view of their psychological impact on a person considered to be a green and brown, in some cases, fit and orange. But the red and yellow are best left to bright accents. Both of them are strong boost of energy, exciting man, while our living room is designed for a relaxing pastime and recreation.
Speaking of appropriate color combinations for a small living room with white walls, I do not call for using in interior only warm shades, it is quite possible and the introduction of cold (blue range) tone, as in the photo of our living room "after." The main thing that their participation can be traced only in the details, and did not go to the front.

What fabrics are suitable for creating a warm interior room

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere in a small living room with the help of textiles plays an important role not only correct color, but also texture of fabrics. Smooth shiny materials such as silk, satin, satin, organza and viscose not the best option for curtains and upholstery, better use them for decoration decorative pillows . For our purpose it is necessary to take velvet, velor, velvet, tapestry and dense printed fabric. For blankets and capes nice soft fleecy knitted fabrics or large knitting of wool. A couple of shaggy pillows Lama - another nice and useful element of the decor cozy little living room.
Finishing touch to a cozy interior will be a variety of cute little things, decorative items, wall hangings, paintings, interesting light fixtures on the photos to this topic you can spy a lot of ideas. I hope you enjoyed my article today, and it will help you in creating your unique design a small living room with white walls!

the cozy interior in the living room with white walls

Design guests in rooms - photos for inspiration

Once you have looked around and decided to make a difference not only in their own homes, but also in life, you need to think about the proper organization of your living space. It depends on you, how energy-field will be filled with it. Let's start with the design of the living room.

Small living room

Obviously, the design of a small living room to be materially different from the design spacious room. If space is limited, that every square inch should be used rationally as possible. For this purpose, suitable modular furniture for the living room. It can be placed so as to have the opportunity, changing place and location, it is easy to transform your home cozy corner in a room for receiving guests. Appropriate in this case will be items such frameless furniture like chair and pear bean bag. This chair can relax in the evening after work - though the soft contours envelop the whole body comfort. And when at the threshold will visit, you can either slide away into a corner, or use as a chair.
For a small room suitable for the living room wall, modern, not too overall, with lots of open shelves. On these shelves designers recommend to place flowers, photos, souvenirs, and in some cases - books and dishes. But clutter the small space furniture and too many things are not worth it. Each item should organically fit into the interior and to be relevant here. Minimum of decoration, simplicity, neutral colors will help to create a harmonious space even in a small living room. Visually enlarge the space will allow:
light ceiling, walls and floor,
transparent or delicate furniture,
transparent tulle,
proper lighting.
To visually expand the area and s tioning room to the bedroom and the living room can be used decoration (painting, painting, wallpaper pasting) harmonizing the two colors together. A very appropriate design method in a studio apartment. One of the walls crumble, for example, white color, and the others - in beige, or vice versa. Wall, which is different in color, can become the background for placing pictures, interior, indoor plants.

Spacious living room

If enough space, you can afford an interior living room in a classic style, baroque, art nouveau, and many others.
For classic living room suit with gilt mirrors, gilded lamps, antiques, wooden furniture. Very living room furniture (classic, retro, artsy Empire or any other style) is better to locate along the walls or in the corners. Doing so will significantly expand the space, and you can make a living in such a big group of friends.
To order your living room into a baroque, use murals, stucco ceiling, massive decorated furniture and sculptures. Of fabrics suitable satin, brocade, velvet. Curtains made of these materials will look at the windows just gorgeous.
A flight of fancy design gives the living room in a modern style. You can use cloth or paper butterflies, waves, handicraft, elegant cabinet and upholstered furniture.
Whatever style decor room is chosen based on the fact that each item must be in place. Thus, the central issue in the interior will be a fireplace, a couch and a coffee table, the original self-leveling floor. The combination of the large central lamp with local spotlight will highlight the all the dark corners and make the play of light and shadow, which will positively affect the energy of all the premises. Do not forget to "neutralize" and sharp corners, placing them near the plants.

choose a design living room 2015

correct design of your living room with sofa 

Today in living room design we'll talk about how to pick up a sofa in the living room, what to look for when buying and what color upholstery is suitable for decoration of a room.
Purchase of upholstered furniture in the living room - it is responsible, which should approach seriously without taking hasty decisions. And not only because such an acquisition is designed for long life and is not cheap. The interior of a small city apartment sofa takes on the role of the central element, attracting to itself the focus, and its shape and color will set the general mood of your living room.
Important criteria to consider when choosing the sofa: functionality, usability, quality, value and, of course, the compatibility of the furniture with the style and color scheme of the room. In this publication, the emphasis I want to do it on the last point, as for the rest, we will go over them quite short, as information on the subject abound.
Those who live in small apartments, forced to choose functional furniture. Sofa-transformer can become an extra bed or home office (see. Theme "Transformers in our house" ), is practical furniture with built-in drawers for storage. And even if living conditions allow to do without all these tricks, big massive sofas with large decorative elements still not suitable for homes with the typical layout - rooms are too small. It is better to look at the simple and concise model without frills. Want to make your sofa look luxuriously - to invest in expensive high-quality upholstery.
Convenience does not always go hand in hand with functionality, and sacrifice them in favor of the latter is not recommended. It is necessary to find the optimal balance in which the new furniture will be fully satisfactory to you on these two parameters.
As for another criteria - price, it all depends on your ability and understanding, which is expensive, and that cheap. It is clear that high-quality products imply a higher cost than the furniture, designed for a short life. Although in our reality is easily accessible by beautiful design and songs of praise and sellers for 150-300 thousand rubles to buy a sofa with foam cushions, not like the one that was in the cabin (that sinned, for example, outside Moscow factory Estetica). So here I can only advise to be more careful in the first place to look beyond the appearance, and the fact that inside. Well, if the frame is made of wood (not particle board), and pillows will be batting, felt, down / feather, very reliable and good old spring combination with them.

Sofa, as an element of interior design living room

Sofa, as an essential element a small living room, must meet the style of the room. If you are staying on a simple model of the neutral form, to achieve the desired result, you can use upholstery, specifically its billing. For example, suitable for classical living tapestry, jacquard and chenille, to the style of minimalism - black leather, wool and cotton navy blue or gray. For owners of modern urban apartments with children and pets practical solution is inexpensive flock and microfiber. Covers for sofas in the rustic style can be stitched linen, as well as fabrics with high cotton and viscose. We are for the correct design of your living room !
To choose the right color of upholstered furniture guided by the color of the walls. If they are in your living room a neutral light, the upholstery is better to use rich expressive shades. The brighter they are - the more stand out sofa. White covers - a good idea for a living room with colored walls, especially when it is too obscured. And, of course, there is no point in buying a sofa to match the wallpaper - it just will merge with them.
The question you need to ask yourself when selecting colors for your couch - whether it used decorative pillows. The fact that some colors require reinforcement. In particular this applies an achromatic color that works great as a background, and in its pure form can lose their expressiveness.
To get the bright beautiful interior with properly spaced accents pillows require white, gray, black, cream and brown sofas, upholstered furniture most shades of green. Lack of decorative pillows quietly survive red, orange, yellow sofa and couch in blue, lilac and violet tones.
Widely used in upholstery found shades of brown . In the background, you can create a series of warm (so cozy house) combinations. By this color is well suited orange, yellow, green, pink. Very curious combination with blue and lilac. Important is the fact that the brown sofa always favorably with many of your favorite beige and cream walls.
In recent years, the upholstery is very popular gray. Ranging from light shades and up to the stylish graphite. Designers love it for its conciseness, versatility, precision shapes. Gray sofas look good in the interior with red, yellow, lilac accents. This color is also practical and suitable for families with children and pets - on such surfaces are barely visible stains and residues of wool.
Black sofas needs space, so living with such furniture should be light, with a minimal amount of other elements of the situation. For small apartments are the optimal partner of black - white , and for accents can take a red, turquoise, purple or yellow.
Lots of interesting color combinations can be created based on the green couch. How can hemp plant it will provide an excellent basis for the placement of red, pink, yellow, orange, blue pillows. Special attention is given noble classic combination of green and brown.
Red sofa - suitable solution for creating a cozy living room. It will look good on the background of gray, beige or light green walls.
And finally, another popular color, widely used in the upholstery of the sofa - blue. It will be good if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the room (because of its psychological effects on man - calm). Shades of blue are always to be found in the interiors of marine subjects. They belong to the cold scale, so often in city apartments combine with warm blue red, yellow and orange flowers.
Today, I talked about how you should pay attention when choosing the sofa in the living room and how to choose the texture and color of the upholstery to match the style of interior design. I hope this article was interesting and useful for you!

Sofa, as an element of interior design living room

living room design with Cozy corners

Today in living room design I want to show photos of the living room. Cozy corners, interesting colors, decor examples, a combination of styles. Interiors spread haphazardly, let's just look for inspiration, maybe there is something interesting for the design of our small apartments.
I would like to start with this cozy corner of the living room, I find it just perfect! Here, everything is steeped in the romance of travel: old trunk instead of a coffee table, a brush with the East, images of ships and fish on the walls. Color scheme complements the style of the living room - natural wood, sand and deep blue. Tall, narrow windows, if the windows ship cabins reinforce the impression.
Who said that the combination of yellow and blue is gone, along with the interiors of the 90s? Look at the photo of the living room in oriental style and make the reverse! By the way, note that the oriental style sets mainly coffee table with curved legs and decorative objects - if such a situation it will bother the owners will not be difficult (and expensive) to replace.
Another example, when the romantic mood of the interior is set primarily decorative items and wall design, can be seen in this photo living room:
Again Eastern element in classical living room - this time a screen. Luxurious reception zoning space for small rooms or combined
I found this photo in a blog, well, is not it wonderful sofa? I'm sure the guests will want to sit in a cozy corner. The decision is quite suitable for a small living room.
Like the blue color of the living room? Then you can approach this interior design of the magazine Elle Decor.
A small series of photos of small living room with bookcases and shelves. Here involved the entire usable area, even on a sofa while the interior does not look overloaded. What wonderful curtain hooks!
Someone like Ikea furniture, some do not - it's a matter of taste. But who would argue that the idea for compact storage and use every free corner of the small apartment they are wonderful
living room has turned into a library - a whole wall of books and minimalist interior. Please note - the walls are dark gray, almost black, and the room does not look bleak. On the contrary, they have become the perfect backdrop for the bright designer furniture.


creative gypsum ceiling design for living room with lighting and fall accessories 

this creative modern ceiling is decorated by gypsum , tin and cloth , the white parts are made from gypsum , at the edges of the gypsum parts there are lighting spots to spread the lighting into the room, each one of the gypsum circles has a fall accessory which made from cloth, in the center of the gypsum ceiling there is a fall accessory takes the shape of the ball and is made from tin , this amazing gypsum ceiling design is suitable for living room in the modern house , hope you like this ceiling.

gypsum ceiling design for living room with lighting 2015 

curved ceiling designs, creative ceiling lighting ideas, gypsum ceiling designs

living room is a special room in the house, it gives the image of your home interior design, the ceiling designs of the living room is an important element in the living room interior design, so, today, we present to you two curved ceiling designs, gypsum ceiling designs for your living room interior design
simple design of a curved ceiling , this curved ceiling was made of gypsum , it consists of two layers of gypsum were installed under the main ceiling, so, it's a false ceiling or multi-level ceiling, this curved gypsum ceiling designs for living room is suitable for any interior style, the central chandelier is a crystal chandelier, it's simple and beautiful.
the second ceiling is this article, it's a curved ceiling made of gypsum , this curved gypsum ceiling has a gypsum fall ceiling under the main ceiling, this type of gypsum ceiling designs is called false ceiling, and the type of the creative ceiling lighting between the two ceilings is called hidden lighting or back light, it's amazing

4 Curved gypsum ceiling designs for living room 2015

false ceiling design for living room

when you are going to design your living room interior, you must focus on the living room ceiling, in this article we recommend to you the false ceiling design, the following picture has a great false ceiling design for living room, it is white and red false ceiling, you can choose the ceiling colors according to your living room interior colors, this amazing ceiling design is made of gypsum , it's a multi-level ceiling consists of a layer of gypsum under the main ceiling, the ceiling lighting that showed in the photo is made by the lighting spots that were installed between the false ceiling and the main ceiling, so it's an amazing ceiling design we recommend it for your living room , what about your decision?

gypsum false ceiling design for living room 2015 

False ceiling designs, gypsum ceiling, ceiling lighting, ceiling decorations for living room

we are back to make new posts in the blog, today we choose for you a unique ceiling design to present to you, it's a false ceiling designs of gypsum, really, it's completely made of gypsum , the wooden decorations just take the color of wood not the material, it's easy more than installing wood on the gypsum ceiling, moreover it's low-cost idea, this streamlined false ceiling design ,tray ceiling also, is suitable for living room and halls only not for living room or bathroom, the lighting system consists of number of lighting spots that were installed in the ceiling, it's a simple false ceiling designs with low cost, it's also practical and a lifetime ceiling, you must consider the style of your living room when choosing this ceiling design, the color of walls, furniture and accessories in order to make a unique living room decor

14 gypsum false ceiling design with wooden decorations for living room 2015

Gypsum false ceiling designs for living room with LED ceiling lights

To create lighting system, in recent years LED ceiling lights were increasingly used . Possibility of multiple color, original solutions that do not use large amounts of electricity compared to fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps.
Ceiling LED lights received special recognition, hardly appeared on the shelves. LED s, although cost is not very cheap, far outweighed its value inherent qualities: bright, even light output; low consumption of electricity; long service life.
now we offer three false ceiling designs that designed with LED ceiling lights system, we choose them to inspire you toy design your suitable ceiling.

5 gypsum false ceiling designs with LED ceiling lights for living room

false ceiling design in Japanese style - what do they represent?

it's hard to deny the growing popularity in each passing year of Japanese culture. And it manifests itself not only in movies, music and cooking - now in any interior design specially in many false ceiling designs can be found quite Japanese interior comprising characteristic and furniture, and walls and the ceiling in a Japanese style, So if you are among fans of culture of the rising sun - this article is for you!
So, Uniform standard in this regard, of course, does not exist - and can not exist, That is why the Japanese style would be logical to include the ceiling designs, the false ceiling designs in Japanese style fits well into the overall design of the room east.
Yet, some common features can be identified in Japanese false ceiling designs - and they are starting points in the design of our ceiling.
Basic geometric shapes: ceiling is a square or rectangle - regardless of its size . 
the entire ceiling can have rectangular shape in its individual elements, ceiling lights in the Japanese style, etc. 
This is due primarily to the traditional Japanese architecture, in which preference given to simple geometric forms.
false ceiling designs in the Japanese style are preferable to use natural materials - wood, fabric, sometimes - paper . 
Naturally, also allowed the use of synthetic materials such as plastic or laminated scrim.
As for color Japanese ceiling, it must be maintained in ceiling lighting shades . 
Painting the ceiling is quite appropriate - but only if it will be a reproduction of Japanese watercolors with unobtrusive and soft colors.

10 false ceiling designs in Japanese style for living rooms - characteristics, materials, installation

gypsum false ceiling design for living rooms

a beautiful false ceiling design that designed by the designer John Wilshere , this ceiling was designed for the living rooms with high ceiling, because it has 4 large layers the takes a large space from the room height, tie false ceiling design was made of gypsum tiles, It enabled you to make many designs for lighting system using these different layers in shape and size, An advantage of this false ceiling design is its low cost, what makes this false ceiling awesome is its design ideas not its materials and accessories.

false ceiling design for high ceiling living room

false ceiling design for high ceiling living room

Modern False ceiling designs for living room interior designs 2014 
Modern False ceiling designs for living room interior designs 2014 

Exclusive false ceiling designs ideas for modern living room with modern ceiling ideas and light, modern gypsum false ceiling interior designs for modern living room with attractive finish.
Hello my friends, today i provide many designs of gypsum false ceiling designs ideas for living room with other gypsum suspended ceiling designs for modern living room, as we provided many of gypsum ceiling posts. 
No one can deny that the gypsum false ceilings and gypsum suspended ceiling designs give use attractive look in our houses, some of people don't like gypsum ceiling when they see it for the first time but who see it after finishing will love it so much, It depends on ceiling design and ceiling finish with ceiling ideas, some of ceiling designs gain admiration from some persons and don't gain admiration from other persons, so i advice you that when you want to implement one of ceiling designs you must see it before finishing.
Our designs today is exclusive designs of gypsum false ceiling for modern living room, i provide it with attractive finish and i offer some of these ceilings before and after finish.
i hope these ceiling designs grain your admiration and get your prefer ceiling at my blog, now i let you see the ceiling pictures.

Modern False ceiling designs for living room interior designs 2014 

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room
7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, made of gypsum with hidden lighting and accessories

for people who like the hidden lighting, false ceiling designs with multi-level structure give you the option of hidden lighting, the fall parts are made of gypsum board and were installed in perfect way the glow on the ceiling distributes the lighting into the room, that's the same purpose of using this special chandelier, this design suits the living room an modern style only and also suit dinning room, but don't use it in any bedroom in your home, ever!

gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, made of gypsum with hidden lighting and accessories

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room
7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, creative false ceiling lighting

beautiful ceiling for people who prefer bright colors, multi-level ceiling with a combination of yellow and orange colors, the ceiling has tow gypsum layers under the main ceiling are called false ceiling designs, the ceiling lighting spots were installed in the edges of the fall layers, that make the room fill of light, the ceiling was designed for living room but you can use it for bedrooms and for kids rooms too, and you can use another color combination you prefer, for example, gray-white, gray-turquoise, black-white or green-white

 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, creative false ceiling lighting

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room
7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, pink false ceiling

i love this design, it's a false ceiling design with multi-level structure, the pink parts are made of gypsum under the main ceiling, this ceiling is suitable for living room and girls room and it's design make it fit into any style of interior design, you can carry out this false ceiling design with the color you prefer, the ceiling lighting in this design is a direct lighting witch was installed in the false ceiling to spreed the light into the room. this false ceiling make a cheerful atmosphere in the living room for you and for your children.

 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, pink false ceiling

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room
7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, ceiling lighting

welcome in the largest aggregation of ceiling designs on the internet, specially false ceiling designs, today we continuing our job, we showing to you 5 of modern false ceiling designs that were made of gypsum , the common element in these false ceiling designs is that all of them are designed for living room, the designs have inspiring ideas for ceiling lighting and ceiling decorating ideas. false ceiling designs, gypsum ceiling designs, living room ceiling, ceiling lighting

gypsum false ceiling designs for living room, ceiling lighting

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014
modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014, collection of modern chandeliers designs for 2014

Choosing the living room chandeliers is very important, it depends on its degree of lighting. To ensure that your living room has enough light, choose multi-level lighting . for example, combine a beautiful ceiling chandelier for living with spot lighting.Of course you can refuse the living room chandeliers  and just pick spotlights, but then your living room will be deprived of some luxury.
living room chandeliers materials:
crystal chandeliers for the living rooms a good choice, it looks very elegant and immediately attracts onlookers , it also very good and can be combined with spot lighting, which is especially important for large living rooms

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014, collection of modern chandeliers designs for 2014

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014
modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014, crystal chandeliers, ceiling chandelier

 living room crystal chandeliers is very bright, so  when placing a chandelier in the living room, remember that it will be the main piece of furniture!
living room chandeliers placing :
Multilevel modern living room chandeliers can make a very bright light, so , you can add a small lamp in a recreation area (for a more intimate, relaxing environment).you can pick up a very simple living room ceiling chandelier , if the style of your apartment is close to its simplicity and room chandelier can be combined not only with spotlights, in living room and some areas can accommodate outdoor lamp.
Choose bold decisions and unusual chandeliers for the living room, today it is a hit of the season!

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014, crystal chandeliers, ceiling chandelier

modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014
modern living room chandeliers : materials and lighting 2014

modern living room chandeliers  : materials and lighting 2014, photos of chandeliers design

photos of modern living room chandeliers design and overview about modern chandeliers materials and lighting degree, collection of modern chandeliers designs for 2014. living room chandeliers lighting degree

modern living room chandeliers  : materials and lighting 2014, photos of chandeliers design