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Create a Interior living room can be yourself

Still, the 21st century - the time of digital technologies. Craze computers and portable devaysa doing his job: web design has gone beyond the monitor and set a new trend in interior design - pixel graphics.
Create a Interior living room can be yourself. Now there are many melkoformatnyh square PVC panels from which you can compose the picture on the wall. And, for example, an apron in the kitchen now fashionable to draw colored glossy or matte tile 10x10 cm.
If you prefer the bright decoration furniture, then on the market today can be found quite stylish home furnishings Do not stay aside and smaller accessories - pillows and graphical now become bright, the color of carpets of living room
Pixel art has touched even tables and lamps of living room - now to feel in the spirit of the time, you should pay attention to things
And finally publish a few interesting ideas for fans of computer graphics. Do not deny yourself the fun little things!

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 
Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Living in a digital world for living room design 

Luxurious drapes in interior design

Despite the complete dominance of minimalism in interior design, we can say with certainty: in the 21st century pretentious luxury still has not lost its relevance. Increasingly, urban dwellers are choosing curtains for window decoration, luxury drapes.
And it is not about the owners of castles and country residences, as you might expect, and about the design of the usual city apartment. How to do it? Let's see!
Most curtain designs combined with the general trends of the Baroque style. This little beauty theater with us for centuries, and now we are seeing a new round of its popularity.
As a rule, baroque design - it is always luxurious fabrics. And this applies to the entire interior: furniture, curtains, pillows and blankets. It should be left to other times of the thin cotton and linen, as well as denim, leather and synthetics. modern curtain designs baroque should be made of satin, the tapestry fabric, brocade, silk or velvet.
Sometimes, when there is only a modern pastiche palatial luxury, used tissues such as velvet. However, most curtains sewn from fabrics with intricate, not geometric texture.
An interesting detail: it is important to use warm colors, because Baroque is not intended rigor and cold. In addition, almost every interior activated gilding, which is combined with the colors and patterns in warm tones, french curtains .
By the way, if you use stucco and gilding on the elements of arches or ceiling seems too pretentious to you, you can make an emphasis on metal rails for curtains and blinds holders
In the manufacture of the curtains is important to pay attention to the design: nice look pelmets of heavy fabrics, and finishes on the edge ruffles, ruffles, fringe and tassels. french country curtains
One last tip: do not forget about the harmony of the surrounding objects! Curtains require around paintings, tapestries, and in extreme cases (if the dimensions of the apartment does not allow) - luxurious bedspreads and capes.

curtains design for living room, Luxurious drapes
Homeliness, festive atmosphere, the Christmas holidays ... How wonderful to hear those words! This time to introduce you with creative ideas and practical advice on how to make an original Christmas wreath, which can decorate your house and living room during the festivities. It turns out, make a wreath is a snap. So get to work.
Wreath of physalis. At the heart of this vibrant wreath ring of wire braided ordinary cape gooseberry. In addition to this plant, you can add sprigs of other plants, such as rowan, holly and so on. When you are finished, you can improve the shape of a wreath with the help of quick-drying glue pasting, where necessary, Physalis fruit and other berries. Colorful and cute.
Wreath of acorns and moss. This duty to preserve the autumn-winter wreath used two components - moss and zheludi.Nado take cardboard sheet and cut out the ring, which will form a wreath. To glue the edges of the cardboard ring moss. Get a green wreath of moss, which circles a few rows of glue acorns. Hang a wreath tied to a wide red satin ribbon. Simple and tasteful.
Breath of nature. All components necessary for this wreath can be collected strolling through the woods. Collect sprigs of pine or spruce on short stalks. These branches insert a round floral sponge with a diameter of about 15-18 cm. Start with the outer circle is gradually approaching the middle of the wreath, but the very center of the blank. In the center of the wreath glue pinecones, walnuts in shell, and a small glass or plastic Christmas ornaments. All this glue hot glue. Green celebration.
Wreath of coils of threads. This wreath is really very homey. And it combines the ease and playfulness, and a festive mood. The main feature of this wreath glomeruli colorful threads. In fact, not absolutely glomerulus and their simulation. First you need a simple little fir or pine wreath. Then take the table tennis balls or other balls of different sizes (eg Styrofoam) and wrap them with white and colored threads. End of the thread, so as not to run away, secured with glue or pin. Balls of glue to each other, you can also add a few ornaments for the Christmas tree
Wreath of carnations . This is extremely expensive, but also insanely beautiful. Wreaths of red carnations look very luxurious and will impress any of your guests. You will need: Floral Foam, several vessels round shape (21-22 cm in diameter) that can be put in the floral sponge and red carnations 120-150. Firstly, take any container, fill it with water, and put floral sponge. Lay a damp sponge pieces in forms that have prepared for the wreath. put the form into a vertical position to drained excess water. Cut flowers are carnations cuttings leaving about 5 cm. Red carnation flower floral sponge insert since the middle row. If carnation flowers are not yet fully opened, leave a little space - from 3 to 6 mm when fully opened flowers, slide them close to each other. Do the same and sticking flowers in the inner and outer rows until the entire form will be filled with flowers, carnations. Bright and festive.

Just be creative, do not be afraid to experiment and for a long time will enjoy the fruits of their creations!

Christmas decorations Ideas ornaments with their own hands for living room 

Preparing for the holidays can easily and thereby original to decorate your home and living room. Festive decorations from various plants not only lift your spirits and remind you of the excitement of the upcoming holidays, about the upcoming celebrations, but also allow your imagination to show themselves creating miracles of natural gifts.
Evergreen trio : Live miniature evergreens in your home and living room to congratulate all your guests the most unexpected ways. Vessels (pots) for these evergreen plants is better to choose the same color. But they themselves already possible to decorate a variety of scenery, from miniature greeting cards and ending with the original clippings snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen, and other Christmas characters, on the other side of which, we can write holiday greetings.
Luxury garland : To do this, a massive Christmas decorations you'll need green branches of spruce, pine, or ivy and red tape. Linking garland desired length, wrap it with a red ribbon and decorate other small decorations (paper snowflakes, dried berries) and hang it in a prominent place so that your guests immediately saw this ornament. This can be decorated with a garland and any room, and fireplace.
Green garland : Login to your living room can decorate green garland made ​​of fir or pine branches. This natural ornament will create a festive mood and enliven the interior. This garland can further decorate a small wreath of twigs ate bound bright red ribbon.
Decoration of the cones : Invited to visit the forest! It will help you take a garland of cones. For this decoration you will need a wire or rope, and any lumps trees that only you can find. This is not a thoughtful garland will look great in a room with other evergreens, and will fill your home fragrance forests and long holidays will delight your view.
You can also cut a circle out of cardboard and sticking to it, and bumps in today's day especially calves fashion, make a lovely wreath.
Elegant steam : This Christmas composition made ​​from flowers amaryllis, white carnations or roses, monochrome or multicolored balls, toys for Christmas trees, ribbons and floral sponge. A damp sponge should be put into a round vase. Then, the most beautiful of the ribbons to tie up three or more of the flower amaryllis and paste into the sponge at the bottom of the vase. The remaining space is necessary to top up the vase of white flowers, carnations or roses. Then you have to glue adhesive tape ornaments for the Christmas tree - balls and envelop a vase of flowers. To keep tight, toys can be glued to the tape fast-drying glue.
Rectangle of roses : If until now you have never had to deal with floristic, in which case you will be pleasantly surprised because the manufacture of Christmas decorations only takes a few minutes. So, you'll need a small rectangular dish (plate with deeper recess baking dish) Floral Foam and red roses. The flowers are cut off so that the cuttings were quite short, which insert into the sponge. This do - insert all the flowers roses uniform rows and garnish with sprigs edge dishes arborvitae. It will be a wonderful decoration for your holiday has become.

Christmas decorations Ideas for your home and living room 

Modern construction technologies and a variety of finishing materials allow you to create unique false ceiling designs. The article reveals the pros of finishing the gypsum board false ceiling and gives a description of some designs of the gypsum board ceiling.
Today, practical and comfortable gypsum board mandatory material for the repair and decoration of the ceiling. With this building material you can create unusual and original false ceiling designs, which can stress the uniqueness of the interior of any room.
New technology used for finishing the ceiling , and materials are constantly updated. One of them is the gypsum board. At the moment, there are many designs of gypsum board false ceiling designs. Experts Crafted several major advantages of using this building material:
The speed of work
Noise-and heat insulation
Cheap price and availability of the material
Easy to operate
Using gypsum board in the false ceiling allows a perfect hide of all surface irregularities under it convenient to hide the electrical wiring. Specialists can offer you several design options to choose from.
Modern false ceiling designs
For completing the finished structure, you can use paint, wallpaper or decorative plaster. The choice of color of the false ceiling depends on the overall style of the room. But in any case, too dark tone crush and reduce the space while the bright contrast visually increase the room.

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ideas for creating an impact living room is installing POP false ceiling

somehow or another, we all seek to beautify our home, and the living room that is one of the main rooms we give more attention to decorate it, display it and enjoy with family and friends.
one of the many ideas for creating an impact living room is installing POP false ceiling designs with integrated lighting systems, it is considered a decorative alternative specially or who have a living room with high ceiling
false ceiling designs made of POP are a great aesthetic solution to the living room interior, that make an atmosphere with elegance and exclusivity, there is a variety of materials, colors, shapes, patterns and lighting systems for false ceiling designs , and some of the are with stunning 3D effects
you can install false ceiling designs in a variety of materials: POP, gypsum board, wood, fiber and aluminium. the choice depends on the style of the living room interior and the budget allocated
POP false ceiling designs are often installed in various areas of the living room, it's usually installed in the middle or toward an area of the wall creating a great focal point.
in the ceiling of the central area, designers include integrated lighting or some color shades on the panels, and also include various decorative ceiling tray with creative shapes
POP false ceiling designs for living room: photo gallery
In today's article we bring fifteen POP false ceiling designs for the living room, each of them has a decorative lighting system that is the most important feature in the false ceilings, we previously shared posts about this purpose that rapidly achieve high number of visits and shares. you also may like: False ceiling for living room: structure, designs and lighting

Modern POP false ceiling designs for living room
All types of window curtains and blinds for living room and What are the blinds on the windows for living room, wooden, metal, plastic tissue types of blinds, top tips to choose window blinds living room for window coverings and decoration 
Blinds appeared in our apartments recently, but already managed to get a lot of popularity. Along with increasing public interest in this kind of window blinds , increased their diversity and functionality.

What are the blinds and how to choose window blinds?

Modern window blinds on the windows are
Round blinds
Horizontal blinds
Protective ( roll-shutters ), which is better than any apartment curtains protect from prying eyes, bright sunlight and decorate the interior, making it more modern and cozy.
In addition to its structural design, the slats (strips) for them made of plastic, wood, metal and fabrics.

Fabric blinds for living room

Polyester fabric blinds durable material, its color does not fade in the sun and are easy to clean. resemble curtain styles can be different density, have a huge variety of colors and textures, so you can choose the design and organically fit in almost any interior .
Often you can find these blinds made from natural materials such as cotton. However, they require more careful and scrupulous care treatment. With frequent cleaning fabric slats may lose color, fabric can sit down and change shape.
Quality of materials no special differences, everything is determined by the production technology. The denser the fabric slats, so they last longer, but they cost more.
We should not forget that the window blinds with a printed picture, are cheaper, but they do not tolerate moisture quickly lose color and very brand. The most durable and expensive option - a Jacquard weave fabric blinds. In addition, the colors created by weaving a long time and keeps color, classic curtains
The most practical fabric blinds are made of fiberglass. They are durable, do not require treatment anti-dust, anti-static and waterproof impregnation or compositions.

Plastic blinds for living room

Window blinds, best ideas of window coverings for living room

Bamboo curtains living room are perfect and living room interior, see latest models and designs of bamboo curtains living room, its advantages and how to choose and clean your bamboo curtains living room.
Bamboo curtains living room, bamboo door curtains living room, bamboo curtain living room, bamboo curtain panels living room, bamboo beaded curtains living room, bamboo curtain rods, bamboo blinds, bamboo curtains for window coverings in living room
In today's world we are surrounded by so few natural and therefore everyone wants to create in his home island of nature and calm. This can help you design the house in a natural style, using natural materials. One of the most affordable ways to do this are bamboo curtains living room.

Bamboo curtains living room for window coverings

Bamboo, is alive and natural material. Drawing attention to this living room of curtains, you will definitely be able to stand, despite all the existing diversity of species. Vainly believed that these curtains can be hung only at the sushi bar or restaurant eastern cuisine. Bamboo curtains living room are perfect and home interior, especially if you abounds furniture and decor in their tree.
Bamboo curtain looks woven fabric. Of course, it is made from natural bamboo. They can either curl up on top of the roll or tuck - it all depends on the type of assembly. Also has a special bamboo blind cord with which happens to control position.
Why it made the curtains of bamboo instead of another material of natural origin? The reason for this is the unusual moisture bamboo. They can be used for decoration and bathroom, and on the sundeck of a private home. Despite its appearance, the curtains of this natural material is not heavy, and can cope with them, even a child. This would be an ideal decoration for kids room.
Bamboo panels durable curtains, but they can be combined with conventional curtains if required your individual design. Curtains fit both dark and light colors.

Advantages of bamboo curtains living room are

 Natural materials from which they are formed 
 the original appearance
 moisture resistance and long-term use
 perfect protection from prying eyes at night
 you can adjust the amount of light entering the living room by changing the level of lifting curtains
 easy and convenient use, even a child cope
 possible to use conventional curtains
 material will not burn and does not dampen.
You can choose one of two mechanisms raise bamboo curtains: rolled or Roman. Roll system allows you to adjust the degree of lift curtains, fixing them on top of a beautiful roller, Roman same lift system will combine your shade in an accordion. So, too, can adjust the degree of uplift. However, do not forget that the eaves with a higher need to hang a curtain to roll or fold does not interfere with the free open the window.
Clean bamboo can be a conventional cloth or brush. Do not get involved with detergents, curtains beautifully cleaned without them

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Bamboo curtains for window coverings in interior living room

How to decorate the window with unique curtain designs in living room, 12 stunning curtain designs living room and models for window decor in living room
There are plenty of options for decorating windows using living room curtains, yet all the common standards in light colors. So, for example, tinted curtains designs is best used for small-format windows, and those that are great details and pictures perfectly decorate windows giants.

Decorating window with unique curtain designs in living room

Many housewives are experiencing, how long should be curtains living room decorating the window. One representation among designers does not exist to this day, but, nevertheless, they all follow the rule: french country curtains can be placed, "hanging" below the sill is not more than a couple of cm And if they are used in conjunction with curtains living room, then they should not exceed the length of them.Curtains fitted with large ruffles are excellent when you want to combine a window border or the window to give volume.
Multifunction curtains living room several other goals than curtains. They absolutely, and not partly as it was in the case of  living room curtains, close the windows, that's where their textile design.Curtains perform its mission as a "solo" and when the window draped with living room curtains and blinds , draperies and blinds.

How to choose living room curtains for your windows

Choosing living room curtains and classic curtains designs, you need to take into account the dimensions of the window, its purpose and location, as, for example, they are not accepted to hang in their offices to work, but they look great in kitchens, bedroom curtains and children's room or kids curtains.
Depending on this, and adjusted their length, which should not exceed the height of the living room, or equal to the width of the window. There is one, what draperies and curtains are identical: they must fall and create a "folded" surface.

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 curtain designs 2015
curtain designs for living room window decorations 

Let's talk about how to turn red curtains in the interior living room and red window living room treatments, avoiding fatal errors for it. red curtains living room and window treatments in the interior living room, and in the interior living room color.
Red curtains living room associated with the theater, because the curtain closing scene, traditionally performed in the same color. It leaves its mark on the perception of the interior living room with red textiles on the windows: it brings in home furnishings note ceremonial and theatrical pomp. In addition, the red curtains and window treatments in the living room can create the atmosphere of the boudoir. Someone just such effects and achieves. Many, on the contrary, I want to avoid them, and in this case the problem is complicated. Let's talk about how to turn red curtains in the interior living room, avoiding fatal errors for it.

Red curtains living room, red window living room treatments: "yes" or "no"

Red window living room decoration many do not like, and for good reason: this color is very energetic and even aggressive. However, the shortcomings often turn into advantages. Let's start with them.
Red curtains living room gender-neutral. red window living room treatments, They do not give the interior living room nor female nor male character, and therefore suitable for both women living rooms, and for "lair" bachelor.
Red curtains living room are very effective. Their presence makes the interior living room bright, "passionate". They can be compared with chilli, capable, when properly used, to make the dish more delicious and spicy.

Red light coming from the windows in the light of the day, is able to positively influence the phlegmatic and melancholic some. Red curtains living room will strengthen, tone and stimulate sluggish lazy, prone to melancholy.
Red drapery on the windows make the living room more welcoming appearance. The fact that the red warms and "fills" the room. It does not look cold nor lifeless or dull.
Now the drawbacks red "clothes for the windows." When should exercise extreme caution or eliminate this decision?
Red curtains living room may adversely affect the status of hypertensive patients (critical pressure increase) Nausea, dizziness, weakness, and even may be the result of a long stay in the interior living room with red draperies.
Choleric red walls and curtains almost contraindicated, since such an atmosphere can contribute to outbursts of anger and aggression. Hyperactive and nervous people also undesirable to spend time in the living room with an abundance of red. In short, we can confidently state that the red window living room treatments - a solution for quiet, sustained, healthy people.
Red curtains living room visually reduce the space: wall with a window as if approaching a person entering the living  room. Therefore, red curtains living room are only good enough for spacious accommodations.

Red curtains in the interior living room situation

Red curtains living room or red window living room treatments are best suited for livng rooms with beige, gray and green color scheme.
Beige slightly calms red, smoothing his assertiveness. Thus he, being next to the red, transformed, becoming more appetizing, warm, velvety. To beige background fit any red hue, including both cold and hot, tone.
Near gray red otherwise disclosed. He looks even brighter than it actually is, while looks fine and noble. With gray blend perfectly cool shades of red - such as cherry, carmine, red and purple. However, fiery tone will not create disharmony.
If you want to achieve the effect of theatricality and "boudoir" in the interior living room, give preference to a "heavy" red tones. Combine them with the color of gold, silver, ivory and precious wood.

Red curtains living room, red window living room treatments: how?

If you want to get a window with red curtains, you do not necessarily include many elements of this interior living room color. If you are afraid that the curtains will look like a random item, add two more red component of the small size. For example, a couple of cushions or a vase and a table lamp. If the livng room has three items in a single color or a similar design, this color is not perceived as a casual.
The smaller the living room, the more transparent it should be red curtains living room. Transparency reduces the effect of color. Want to avoid the effect of theatricality and boudoir? It's easy! Transparent fabrics - that's all it takes.
Red curtains living room can be hung in the living room and i suggest this album Luxury curtains for living room. However, you should resist the temptation to sew curtains. If the living room is small, and the veil is better done in a neutral color. Well, red window living room treatments can not support a pair of very large pieces of furniture or accessories.
In the living room red curtains can exactly match the color of the sofa or armchairs - is the classic method. But the walls, floors and other furniture will let light and neutral as possible.
Optional opting pure red and close to it tones. Note the more complex shades: berry, wine, flower. These less popular shades make the interior unbanal.

Red curtains living room and window living room treatments collection

Comes in 4 variants sample: 
1. with pocket for attachment to pipe or ledge on clothespins 
2. On the ribbon for hanging curtain hooks (+ 300 rubles. Per item) 
3. On the tape fasteners (+ 300 rubles. Per item) 
4. On the opaque curtain tape with metal hooks (hooks fan) (+ 300 rubles. Per item).

Red Curtains in the interiors living room

Pop design ceiling for modern interior living room 

Exclusive gallery of false ceiling pop design for modern interior living room and modern pop ceiling designs of plaster and gypsum with modern pop ceiling designs lights and lighting ideas for living room , pop design false ceiling for modern interior living room, pop false ceiling designs, false ceiling
Pop design is one of many parts of living room decor that's will give you stylish look in your interior.
We can decorate all interior living room with false ceiling pop design but you should choose the perfect pop ceiling design which suitable with the living room room types 
Depending on the space of room we can design the pop ceiling and you can choose it.
There are many options of pop false ceiling lighting ideas and false ceiling lights such as ( LED lights - Spot lights ) so you can select of many stylish lighting option for your pop design and false ceiling.
We have provided many catalogs of false ceiling designs and pop designs for all interior living room, I suggest the below albums for you :

Today i provide a new album of pop design for modern interior living room and unique pop ceiling designs for modern living room ( living room or hall and reception room ).
These models and styles of pop design are stylish ceiling designs and many of these designs you will see it for first time, now let us see the pictures of pop ceiling designs for modern interior living room and false ceiling designs for living room .
the  latest album:
I hope you like these exclusive and unique of pop false ceiling designs and pop design with lighting in the modern interior living room. pop design ceiling for modern interior living room, pop ceiling designs, false ceiling.

7 gypsum false ceiling designs for living room

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

false ceiling for modern interior living room 

LED false ceiling lights in the interiors living room

Get stylish look in your interior by using LED false ceiling lights for living room and LED strip false ceiling lighting for false ceiling, pop design, false ceiling and suspended ceiling lighting for living room, LED  false ceiling lights for living room
What you need to quickly and inexpensively create a stylish and modern interior living room design? Undoubtedly, the most important decorative element in the interior design is the false ceiling lights for living room , which can create an exclusive atmosphere and mood in the room needed, as well as the opportunity at any time to highlight a new interior. 
So today almost all designers and architects are using this technique in their work. LED lights for false ceiling will make your interior is much more comfortable, attractive and original. Clever use of space, it will change the visual space, visually enlarge it and "lift the" ceiling. 
Today, for a decorative lighting used LED strip , which due to its flexibility and compactness can be mounted in small niches and recesses, and to take any complex shapes.

 false Ceiling lights living roomLED Strip for suspended ceilings

LED  false ceiling lights : Concealed lighting using LED strip opens a wide scope for the implementation of the most daring ideas and fantasies designer. 
Plasterboard with back light - the most common element that can decorate a whole and emphasize the architecture tiered ceiling. 
For example, designers such nostrums as "floating effect" create a false ceiling with lighting for living room. This design can visually increase the ceiling height of the living room and create an atmosphere of weightlessness, as if the whole structure hangs in the air. false ceiling lights indispensable in cases where the space is small, low ceiling and deprived of natural light. 
A great solution would be the effect of a glass roof or trim fashionable today skylight. To do this, enough to make a plasterboard false ceiling lights hinged design with a shallow niche and install it using indirect lighting miniature LED strip lights. 
For best use of realistic photo printing, with a blue sky with clouds. This technique will eliminate the feeling of dark and enclosed space in such areas as corridors and hallways, causing them to be transformed dramatically and become full facilities with a natural lighting. An infinite number of original solutions in interior living room creates false ceiling lights, photos of projects you can see on this page and in the section LED light strips.

Installing stained glass panels in false ceiling designs
DIY 3D stretch ceiling designs and Modern ceiling Art 2018

LED false ceiling lights : LED living room lighting ideas is now used for a variety of designs and materials, including a stretch false ceiling. Tape is absolutely safe, it does not emit heat, unlike incandescent lamps, which can trigger slack and rapid "aging" of the stretch false ceiling. In addition, LED lights suspended ceilings creates an even diffused light provides a variety of colors and special effects, and not just blindly and eyes comfortable. 
To do so does not require a large plenum depth, which is necessary when other light sources. Illuminated from within the suspended ceiling, creates a feeling of light-filled space, regardless of the weather and time of day. 
Looks spectacular lights when combined with tension plasterboard ceiling. In this case, in a niche of drywall using translucent PVC film with photo printing, you can create a dummy window to insert the same miniature LED light strips.

LED false ceiling lights for living room and its advantages

Have constantly updated interior without new investments - an opportunity that opens back light LED. 
With the help of a remote control system can easily be painted any color in the living room, and then change its hue, brightness, and program the speed of these changes. If you want, you can even create a nightclub atmosphere, in this case the diode lights should be bright contrasting colors with dynamic special effects. 's hard to underestimate the lighting is also due to its durability and low power consumption. 
Opening hours LED strip lights - more than 10 years, so without this appliance false ceiling lights would simply not possible due to the need to change the bulb burned out. Therefore only possible with the help of concealed lighting in the most difficult and inaccessible places. Additionally, LED ribbon - is a favorable decision from the standpoint of cost-saving lighting and its further exploitation. 
Using it you will automatically get rid of the problems such as lighting maintenance, high energy costs and harmful radiation that comes from traditional light sources. If you're wondering how to make the back light quickly and at no additional cost, I will answer for you in a new article, so you should follow me or my site living room design

Top 3D ceiling designs and murals on false ceiling 2018
amazing 3D False Ceiling Designs with optical illusion

LED false ceiling lights for living room